Do you have a dapp?  Let CPU Emergency help your dapp be a success!  We have access to the CPU that you need to run your dapp and also operate a proprietary, automated software solution that we can implement to ensure that your users get the CPU that they need.  Learn more about our services below.

Free CPU for Dapp Users

CPU Emergency knows that dapps can’t be successful if their users can’t transact.  We provide a proprietary, automated software solution that delegates CPU to your dapp’s users based on a predetermined set of qualifications, while rejecting requests from users that are not wanting to use your dapp but are just looking for free CPU.  CPU Emergency even provides the CPU!  To date, we have delegated over 500,000 EOS of CPU to users of the dapps that have integrated our solution.

The process is simple.  Just contact us, tell us a little bit about your dapp, and let us create a customized solution for your dapp and your users.  Within hours, CPU Emergency will provide you with a customized webpage for you to make available on your website in an iFrame pop-pop.  The webpage should be presented to your users when they the users attempt to run a transaction but have no CPU available.  Unlike other CPU lending options for dapp users, CPU Emergency works even if the user is already out of CPU. 

We will also provide you with a CPU Emergency logo for you to proudly display on your website.  The logo should be set up so that users who are low on CPU can click on the CPU Emergency logo to access the iFrame pop up to receive CPU, even if they are not yet out of CPU.  EOS users know that where they see our logo, they will receive free CPU. 

In addition, all dapps that integrate our solution will be prominently displayed on our website, which receives millions of hits each month.

The best part is that there is no fee for this service—it is completely free to both dapps and dapp users.  Our compensation comes from referrals earned from users using your dapp.  If your dapp doesn’t have a referral program, contact us to discuss other options.

Contact us via Telegram and let us support your dapp today!

Over-the-Counter CPU Leasing

CPU Emergency operates an over-the-counter CPU leasing market that connects users that need large amounts of CPU and those that have large amounts of CPU to delegate.  To date, CPU Emergency has brokered millions of EOS worth of deals.

For dapps with large CPU needs, CPU Emergency has access to millions of EOS which are available for CPU leasing at market rates.  Minimum quantity and lease time will vary by deal, but will be for no less than 20,000 CPU and no less than one week in duration.  Long-term term (six months or more) leases are also available.  See our Recipient Agreement for more details.

For users that would like to lease their EOS for CPU, CPU Emergency’s leasing market offers distinct advantages over other leasing options (e.g. Chintai).  The main difference is that you never lose control of your EOS, which will remain in your account and protected by your private key.  Because of this you will be able to continue to vote your EOS and receive any and all airdrops that may occur.  See our Delegator Agreement for more details.

Contact us via Telegram for more information!