OK, ok…to be perfectly honest, this is more of a Hardy Boys mystery instead of a Agatha Christie novel, the only death here is the CPUEmergency CPU, but it’s still a fascinating story. As you are probably aware, CPU Emergency gives out 1.5 EOS of CPU to anyone, with .5 CPU (and .2 Net) coming from our friends at LAOMAO.

Usually we give out a few hundred EOS per day to needy accounts, but this weekend we noticed a very large spike in volume. In fact, we ran through 2700 EOS of CPU in less than 48 hours! That’s almost one delegation per minute for two days. 

After we did some “investigating” we determined that approximately 200 of the accounts are related. The clues were obvious enough–the accounts had similar names, roughly .5 eos unstaked, minimal RAM, nothing staked, and all were created by eosmangerio. With less than .3 EOS for RAM, they were creating these accounts then getting free CPU/NET and doing what exactly? They were going to the same place, getting 1000 free ROLL tokens from yet another dice dapp eosluckyme. 

Why you might ask would they take that much effort to get 1000 free tokens. Well, you could have received 1000 DICE tokens from BetDice just a few weeks ago. Those 1000 free DICE are now worth about 1.4 EOS, roughly $8 USD, as of writing this. If the ROLL token were to achieve the same level of success as DICE, this person will have roughly 280 EOS worth of free tokens for their efforts. (Of course, the other consideration is that they are just trying to drive up numbers for the dapp on DappRadar.) As for CPU Emergency, not much harm here, our EOS will rise from the delegation grave in three days to be used again.

Post mortem: We may decide to blacklist these accounts as this user clearly has the technical ability to delegate on his own behalf, but is choosing to not use his resources in this manner and abuse ours. We have notice several other strange occurrences in the 2700 delegations and may return with more sleuthing in the future.

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