CPU Emergency, like the EOS blockchain, has come a long way in a short time. Less than two months ago we launched a simple website that delegated a .25 EOS of CPU so that users in need could continue using the EOS blockchain. Over the past 14 days, we have processed 10,183 requests from 2,556 individual accounts and delegated more than 145,203 EOS of CPU!

EOSBet was the first EOS dapp to lead the way towards mass adoption. The dapp quickly became so large and their promos so popular that EOSBet found a need to delegate additional CPU to their users. EOSBet became CPU Emergency’s first affiliate and allowed us to not only serve the community through our website but also directly through a specific dapp.

CPU Emergency is proud to announce that we have recently expanded our services to include the following popular EOS dapps:

  • BetDice—a dice and lottery game (with more games coming soon); this is currently the highest-volume dapp on EOS, surpassing over 15 Million EOS of volume in a single 24-hour period
  • EOSPlanet—an open world experience combining aspects of Minecraft and blockchain to create a persistent land editable by the community
  • EOSPoker—the first blackjack dapp on EOS
  • EOSKnights—an idle, dungeon-crawler game where you can own and sell your virtual loot; it has consistently been one of the most popular games on EOS
  • EOSPlay—a popular dapp with a new lottery game and a novel take on dice that allows users to bet on the last 2 digits of an EOS block ID

CPU Emergency provides the users of these dapps with delegations of CPU that are considerably higher than the 1.5 EOS of free CPU and .2 of NET (thanks to integration with BankofStaked) that we provide to all users in need (and which we will continue to do so). Please visit our newly updated website for a complete listing of supported dapps. 

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-24 at 9.44.13 PM

In addition, you can now access CPU Emergency directly from your favorite wallets, such as Scatter, LYNX, imToken, Meet.One, More, and soon Greymass.  More exciting announcements are on the way!

We value your input, so please let us know which dapp, exchange, or sisterchain you would like to see us support next and how we can better serve our community. If you are dapp developer and would like to integrate with CPU Emergency to make sure that your users don’t run out of CPU, please reach out to us on telegram at t.me/cpu911!