Free CPU for Dapps​

CPU Emergency provides free CPU to users of the following daaps! We keep users in the game with 100s and even 1000s of EOS of CPU for free. No leases, no fees, and you keep the CPU as long as you need it. With CPU Emergency, you never run out.


We are passionate members of the EOS community who identified a need. We watched as users consumed all of their CPU resources with addictive Dapps. We saw blocktwitter spam the network and cause users to unexpectedly surge past their allocated CPU resources. CPU Emergency was created as an off-blockchain website and a smart contract solution to delegate free CPU so that users in need can “unlock” their accounts.

Just enter your account name in the box above and click submit! We’ll check your account to determine if 3 EOS of CPU will help you. If it will, then we automatically delegate it to you for eight hours. It’s really that simple.

30 seconds or less! If you are qualified and have not received it, ensure that your account name is entered correctly. If you still have not received it, contact us in Telegram!

You can use the free service approximately every 48 hours.

It’s simple. We provide you with free CPU to use certain selected Daaps. That’s why we say “USE OUR CPU, NOT YOURS”! You keep the CPU as long as you continue to use CPU Emergency’s referral code. Simply select the icon of the Dapp that you want to use in the “Free CPU for Dapps” section, enter your account name, and CPU Emergency will make sure that you have plenty of CPU to keep playing!

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